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About Us

We're here to make an Impact.

Here at Impact Painters, every project is more than just a job. It's an opportunity for us to leave a lasting impact on the community. 

Our Story

I paid my way through college painting houses while attaining a Bachelor of Science degree in both Finance and Financial Economics at The University of Maine in Orono. While I told myself running a small painting business was just a good way to gain experience while paying for school, every year that I did it I slowly fell in love with it. I went into college with a passion for investing and came out learning the best investment I could make was in this business and my community. A traditional office job doesn't suit me. I love meeting new people, taking on big challenges, and helping others.

As I studied the economy both in my classes and out in the real world as a contractor, I learned that there is a big need for professional contractors that show up on time, take care of their employees, build relationships, and make it a point to give back to the community. Upon college graduation I started Impact Painters. A company determined to popularize work in the trades out of school, help employees build a career and retirement, and leaving as big of an impact on our community as possible.

 - Riley

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